A Reddit user decided to ask what are some hidden gems with a view in El Paso smoking with a friend.

To be clear, they didn't specify what would be smoked, for all we know it could just be cigarettes, or maybe some Delta-8 (which is still very legal in Texas).

Well, the post got a few responses, like coordinates of where to go:

31.76757865220319, -106.36115890170335- hideaway hill. nice views of the lower valley at night

Another suggestion:

McKelligon Canyon is nice

Other suggestions included:


Intersection between Montana and Piedras

And we also got some very specific answers:

Cliff St. There is a medical facility that has a big empty raised lot in the back. The best view of downtown/juarez and bo one knows its there. It use to be the cliff Inn and we would bang all the time there. My favorite hidden gem.

But some of my favorites include this one- which leads me to believe they probably didn't mean they were just going to smoke cigarettes:

Sounds like police lmao

What if this is a trap? What if a cop is writing the question in order to get answers of where people are smoking some marijuana? I'm starting to sound paranoid like Buzz.

Another one of my favorites is:

If God is cool with it maybe Mount Cristo Rey.

I'm sure God would be okay with, it is natural.

And this comment is extremely specific, with a full itinerary of what to do:

Rio Bosque Park. Then head over to Casa Ortiz in Socorro to check out some dope artwork and music. Then head over to Ramirez Pecan Farms in San Eli and get some bomb ass sweets.

That sounds like an adventure- which smoking with a friend can totally be an adventure.

And, of course, you can't miss out on the wonderful trails we have here:

Check out the app All Trails for some chill hikes with nice views. There’s a ton here. 1000 steps trail is one of my faves.

For the record, I would suggest somewhere in Sunset Heights where you can get a nice view of the city.

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