Have you ever seen a commercial for a product so stupid that you can’t believe it’s real? For instance, the first time I ever saw a Farmers Only Dot Com commercial, I thought for sure it had to be some kind of satire. The “bad dates” (i.e.: city girls) were such hideous, Cruella DeVille-like, caricatures of evil and the “good dates” were shown singing the Farmers Only jingle in unison…Stepford-like…that I was certain this had to be some cleverly crafted parody.

Here’s a fun contest you can play along with at home or work. Is the following ad for a real product or is it a parody of stupid products?
Watch the video and then, without looking at my commentary that follows, lock in your answer (mentally, I mean. You’ll have to do it on the honor system.). Then read ahead where I reveal if it’s real or parody.

What the hell is this? On the one hand, the idea of walking barefoot through piles of poop sounds disgusting. On the other hand, the “poop” is actually play-doh so it totally neuters the grossness factor. What’s the point of this game?? And, yes, it is a real game. You can buy it from Hasbro at this website for ONLY $19.99!! For just one penny less than twenty bucks you can pretend to be grossed out by pretending to step in pretend crap.

I’ll tell you what: save the twenty bucks. Bring your family over, blindfold yourselves and walk through my back yard barefooted. I won’t charge you anything…BUT you’ve got to pick up and dispose of any dog crap you step on. It’s what my boss calls “a win/win”. And, it’s nowhere as stupid as this stupid, stupid game.

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