We just got the concert announcement that Lamb of God is coming to the Don Haskins Center on October 16th along with Killswitch Engage.

Slayer, Lamb Of God And Behemoth In Concert At The Hard Rock Joint In Las Vegas
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Tickets go on sale this Friday (6-10-22) and all this week KLAQ will have win-em-before-you-can-buy-em tickets.

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Does anyone remember the time Randy Blythe, lead singer of Lamb of God, was arrested in Czechoslovakia and imprisoned after being accused of killing a fan that had climbed on stage? Here’s Randy talking about his time in a Czech prison:

The concert the fan died at was a couple of years before Blythe’s arrest and incarceration.  On May 10, 2010, while playing a show in Prague a 19-year-old fan repeatedly climbed on the stage where Lamb of God was performing.  Attempting to climb onto the stage a FOURTH time, Daniel Nosek was allegedly THROWN backward off the stage by Randy Blythe and landed directly on his head. Nosek suffered serious brain trauma and died weeks later from his injuries after being in a coma.

Now, flash-forward to 2012. Lamb of God was back in Prague to play another show. Randy was arrested at the airport when his plane arrived. At the time, Randy told Czech authorities that he was unaware of the fan's death but expressed his remorse.

So, how did it all end up? Randy Blythe entered a plea of “not guilty” and after a six-day trial he was found…” not criminally liable”. Here’s that moment:

A little more background on the verdict. The court ruled that it had been proven that Blythe shoved the man off the stage and was, therefore “morally responsible” for his death.  The court ruling placed most of the blame on the promoters and security.

The incident happened a few years after Dimebag Darrel had been shot and killed by a fan who climbed onstage during a concert.  I don’t know if that was brought up in the Blythe trial but many of the famous rockers who supported Randy said their own attitude toward fans climbing on stage changed after that tragedy.

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