It's time to see just how much you know about the Super Bowl. Here are some random facts:

  • The term "Super Bowl" wasn't used until the third game. Before that it was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.
  • Super Bowl LI is Tom Brady's seventh Super Bowl of his career. Who has been to the most consecutive? Gale Gilbert. He went to 5 in a row. Four with the Buffalo Bills, and then the following year with the San Diego Chargers. He lost all 5.
  • The Patriots will be wearing white on Sunday. In the last 12 Super Bowls, the team wearing white is 11 and 1.
  • Going to Disney has become a staple of winning the Super Bowl. The first person to say it? Phil Simms after Super Bowl 21.
  • The first time the NFL used modern/popular music for the halftime show? 1991. Before that it was usually marching bands. In 1991 however, they went with the New Kids on the Block.