If you've never seen videos from the YouTube channel Ten Second Songs, you're missing out. It's a YouTube channel by Anthony Vincent, who is brilliant at mimicking song styles and performing all kinds of music. You can head to his website by CLICKING HERE.

He frequently will do an entire song in multiple different styles. But for this one, he's sticking with Radiohead's Creep under one style. THE DEFTONES. Seriously, if you didn't know who this was, and just heard this version, you would almost think that the Deftones honestly covered Creep.

Of course, the Deftones aren't afraid to do a cover song. Here are just some of the songs they've covered:

  • Do You Believe - The Cardigans
  • Drive - The Cars
  • If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - The Cure
  • Jealous Guy - John Lennon
  • Night Boat - Duran Duran
  • No Ordinary Love - Sade
  • Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
  • Simple Man  - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Sinatra - Helmet
  • Sleep Walk - Santo & Johnny
  • The Chauffeur - Duran Duran
  • To Have and to Hold - Depeche Mode
  • Wax and Wane - Cocteau Twins
  • Caress - Drive Like Jehu
  • Ghosts - Japan
  • Milk - S.O.D.
  • Savory - Jawbox

Some other songs that Ten Second Songs have covered are:

  • Freak on a Leash - Korn
  • Numb - Linkin Park
  • Down with the Sickness - Disturbed
  • Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
  • Psychosoial - Slipknot
  • Rocket Man - Elton John
  • Enter Sandman - Metallica
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
  • Chop Suey! - System of a Down
  • Eye of the Tiger - Survivor


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