This is the scene just outside our building while we were having our MoSho meeting this week.

That is a quite large R.V. with a car on a trailer seemingly broken down in the right lane of Mesa Street (aka: one of the few remaining ways to get around in west El Paso because of all the construction).

Obviously, I thought, they must be having trouble with their RV. Right? Nobody just stops dead in an active lane of a very busy street which, technically, is a state highway.

That's when we saw this lady...


 ...exit the RV with her tiny dog on a leash looking for a grassy spot for her dog to do it's business.

It's important to note that the front of our building could in no way be mistaken for a rest area or park. It's got a parking lot full of cars and a big sign that identifies all the businesses within. Yet, R.V. lady has decided this is the ideal spot for a canine bathroom break.

My co-workers were indignant about the situation. Not so much that our property was being used for FiFi's toilet but because these people had inconsiderately blocked an entire lane of busy traffic for such a petty reason.

I've always been the sort to give other people the benefit of the doubt. So, I argued to my colleagues that surely the RV was, in fact, broken down, and the lady was merely letting the dog answer nature's call while waiting for AAA to respond.

I still maintained this to be the case when the lady and her doggie got back in the RV. I have faith in the basic non-dick-hole-ishness of my fellow man.

Until the RV started back up and they went right on their merry way...

KLAQ (The R.V. is moving in this picture. You'll have to trust us.)

Yeah, so they had just pulled over in the middle of traffic for a full ten minutes just to let the dog take a poop. Nice.

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