Once the novel coronavrius began sweeping through the Untied States, many fitness facilities and gyms began shutting their doors for the forseeable future. This left many fitness junkies having to scramble at the last minute to find suitable substitutes to help them get a workout in. But sadly, many would run into some trouble. Stores couldn't handle the rush and many fitness and exercise sections were left with empty shelves for weeks. Exercise equipment companies had items on backorder for months due to being sold out and in some cases, warehouses closed due to a state shutdown.

This led to people needing to get creative when they came up with ways to get their WOD (workout of the day) in. Many found themselves perusing the internet to find new equipment they could use that was still in stock. That led to some of the strangest fitness equipment advertisements coming up on my social media pages. While I assume some of these items probably do help you with your workout, it doesn't change the fact that they look ridiculous. But that's how I assume I must look when I'm flipping a massive tire outside of the gym on a hot summer day. Here are some of the weirdest fitness items I found ads pop up for on my Facebook and Instagram pages. All of these items I feel there are cheaper, easier ways to get the same results without purchasing an overpriced plastic ax. But that's just my opinion. To see these fitness items in action, check out the videos at the end of this post.

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