Mountain bikers from all over America are coming in for this one, including a mountain biking hall of famer!

The 11th annual El Paso Puzzler endurance mountain bike race is Sunday, January 14th.  According to a press release from the event organizers:

Each course is considered EPIC by most mountain bikers’ standards with all distances riding to the far north end of the Franklin Mountain State Park. The 50 and the 35 [miles] make a large loop around the northern portion of the range. With riders coming in from all over the country to compete against our local pro racers, iIncluding last year’s winner David Tinker Juarez.

A professional racer for over 40 years and considered a biking legend, Juarez was elected to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2001. He will be defending his title against some top, local riders.

Today, (1/10/18), is the last day to register. For more details, click here.

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