There is something that caught my attention that family and friends have been sharing on social media. Apparently, some people have been using their social media to teach others how to use the correct term depending on the number of tamales you have. I remember I had the same problem some adults have now about the correct way to express how many tamales you want to have. Growing up my family didn't really speak a lot of Spanish around me and mostly spoke English. I remember I said tamale and my dad laughed up a storm and corrected me so I wouldn't sound silly in the future. There are some people who accidentally make the mistake of saying tamale if they're having just one. Some don't even know it is actually a tamal if you're only going to consume one. But if you plan on eating more than just one then the correct term would be tamales.

It cracks me up when other people get annoyed or bothered by someone who accidentally says tamale instead of tamal. It doesn't really bug me when I overhear someone incorrectly pronounce the singular form of tamales. I am guessing from my social media newsfeed that some people need this little helpful tip. I guess Hispanics get bothered because they feel it's showing disrespect to the language. So for future reference if you want to eat just one, it's tamal not tamale. This topic always seems to pop up around this time of the year.

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