Why hasn't this happened to Donald Trump?

I say that because I would have thought Americans would have done something like this first but New Zealand has beat us in the dildo throwing department.

A women infuriated by the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, a law that was recently passed by New Zealand. This law is a way for countries to create, "stronger economic links between economies in the Asia-Pacific region" and benefit consumers with a cheaper and greater variety of goods." People fear that due to lack of transparency, that the reality of this law might actually hurt citizens.

New Zealand politician Steven Joyce didn't expect to be attacked after the law was passed but at least it wasn't a fist to the face kind of brawl. Instead, a women ran up on Joyce during his interview and through a dildo at him and shouted "That's for raping our sovereignty. That's for raping our country, because of the TPPA and selling away our rights and our freedom."

Joyce actually played it off pretty well by saying he knows it's an experience that comes with being a politician. At least he wasn't glitter bombed.