Breaking news this morning, President Joe Biden announced he will visit the Borderland this weekend to address immigration issues.

The White House announced this morning that President Joe Biden plans to visit the US southern border this weekend while on his way to the North American Leader's Summit in Mexico City, per CNN. While in El Paso, President Biden will meet with local officials and address border security issues. This will be Biden's first visit to El Paso and his first visit to the border since he took office.

The White House also announced that they would be expanding a program to accept 30,000 migrants per month from other countries as the administration is grappling with a large influx of migrants at the southern border, per CNN.

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There's no word yet on the exact locations the President will go to see the immigration issues but there are some areas that should be on the top of his list. Downtown El Paso had streets that were filled with people and many shelters were filled beyond capacity. Hopefully while the President is in El Paso, he will also hear the stories about the compassionate El Pasoans who donated their time, money, and supplies to help clothe and feed those in need during the frigid temperatures the past few weeks. This is a time where the nation can once again see what El Paso Strong means.

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