According to a White House announcement President Biden and the First Lady, Jill Biden will be making their way to Houston this Friday. The President had mentioned last week that he would like to make it down to Texas once the winter storm had ended. According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden will be meeting with local leaders so that he can:

discuss the winter storm relief efforts progress toward recovery and the incredible resilience shown by the people of Houston and Texas.

During their trip to Texas, the Biden's will also be stopping by a COVID vaccine distribution site. One politician that will be joining the Biden's is Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Now, comes the fun part of these articles. Simply because I'm writing about President Biden, it's going to get the right-wing loonies going. Seriously, it would probably shock you the messages we get. Well, no, I take that back. Just look at the comments we get on social media when this articles get shared. Simply because I'm posting something about President Biden and NOT bashing him for something I have to be a left wing extremist who wants our country to end up like Communist Russia.

In case you are wondering, yes, there are people out there that firmly believe "sources" like OAN and NewsMax. Either that, or there are people that are really committed to trolling hard with those "sources" theories about the election being stolen. And yes, that is still something that people out there believe.

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