Buzz and I saw this story earlier in the week, but couldn't find a source that we found credible enough to comment on it. Although just reading the story, Buzz did have the best comment right out of the gate. Here's a brief synopsis of the story, and you can follow these links for info about the story.

The Huffington Post

The Daily Mail

The Independent

Christopher von Keyserling (Buzz's comment coming below), a 71 year-old Republican council member in Greenwich, Connecticut, has admitted that he 'gave a little pinch' to a female's crotch, but also added that he did it jokingly. He had been arguing with the 57 year-old woman and claimed he:

"no longer [had] to be politically correct"

And according to the Independent:

"Mr von Keyserling “looked back with a really evil look in his eyes and said, ‘It would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you,” the woman told police."

So, earlier this week, I was reading the him the story and once I got to the guy's name. Christopher von Keyserling, Buzz immediately starts laughing and says:

"Holy f###! His name might as well be Nazi McNazerson!"