If you have a few tricks up your sleeve, I just hope none of them include Covid-19. I remember before ever having kids I would use this day to prank my parents. I would always use the typical "I'm pregnant" joke on April Fools' Day with her. The first time I did it she freaked out then the other time she didn't believe me. But the time I actually did get pregnant she needed some kind of proof to believe me.

There are plenty of other ways to prank your family or friends without doing what Jaejoong of JYJ did. The K-Pop Star thought he would use April Fools' Day to scare his fans claiming he had the coronavirus. Covid-19 is no laughing matter whatsoever and should NOT be used for a prank today. I won't be surprised if the law punishes those who decide to make Covid-19 a part of their prank today. Please have a heart and DO NOT claim you have the coronavirus because it is a serious matter.

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