Texas Highways has an article up about the 5 most haunted places in Texas. The Plaza Theater in El Paso makes the list.

The Plaza Theater was built back in 1930 and was operational up until 1985. Then it sat for about 20 years until it was renovated and reopened in 2006. What makes this building one of the most haunted places in Texas? This comes straight from the Texas Highways article:

Some of the Plaza’s creepy tales, concocted in abundance, feature all the usual suspects—a drifting woman in white, a materializing man in black, a vanishing child bouncing a ball. Like most ghost stories, their veracity lies in the retelling rather than the reoccurring. But a much larger share of the Plaza’s supernatural phenomena may require a ghost hunter’s skill set to resolve. Apparitions including orbs, lights, and shadows; physical manipulations like electrical components switching on without power, objects moving independently, and sounds without sources; and manifestations such as stimulation by touch, smell, and temperature have all endured, transgressing the barrier between the spiritual and the material worlds again and again. Together, they suggest something more dynamic than a mere ghost story. You might want to call this a real haunting.

I've been to the Plaza Theater many times since I moved to El Paso in 2015. I haven't had any issues or seen anything supernatural.

I've also heard that the Plaza Theater isn't even the most haunted place in El Paso? Isn't it El Paso High? The Magoffin Home? Concordia Cemetary?


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