It's that time of year again: the days get a little shorter, the air feels crisper and the leaves change to beautiful shades of gold and copper. Oh, wait, I'm in El Paso, that doesn't happen here yet!

Beautiful Autumn Colours Are Seen Across Loch Lomond
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It's the time of year where I get a little jealous of other cities that get to experience a beautiful fall. As much as I love El Paso- I'm a fall person and here in the desert that is basically non-existent. Sure, it might be a bit chilly on one day, but the very next day it'll be hot again!

It's hard to be a person who loves autumn/fall (whichever you prefer) while living in El Paso, we don't call it the Sun City for nothing!

But, nonetheless, I love fall. I love the changing of the leaves, the crisp, chilly air, the fashion, the lattes- I love it all. Despite the fact that I know that I can't get that full experience here in El Paso, I know that we are lucky enough to be close to a place where we can get the full fall experience. Here are three places where you can see some great fall foliage near El Paso- and they're all in New Mexico!

Fred Russo via Unsplash
Fred Russo via Unsplash

Where to See Fall Foliage Near El Paso


Let's start with the obvious, Ruidoso! Many El Pasoans visit the Noisy Village when they want to get away from the city noise and heat! In the fall, Ruidoso is a wonderful getaway- even if it is for the weekend.


Cloudcroft is another great fall destination near El Paso. A little further up from Ruidoso is this quaint village where autumn really comes to life.


Taos is a little further away- it's about a six hour drive from El Paso, but this is one where you'll definitely want to have a longer visit just for the fall vibes! Taos was actually named one of the best fall towns in the US for foliage!

Fall is almost here, but for now, my favorite flannel will have to wait, and my pumpkin spice latte will have to be iced!

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