There are two kinds of trees you can choose from to set up as your Christmas tree at home. There are people who rather have that real Christmas tree smell inside their home. Then you also have those that rather avoid the mess by using a fake Christmas tree. I was raised with both types of trees when I was a little girl. My grandparents on my dad's side always enjoyed using the fake Christmas trees.

But my grandparents on my mom's side always purchased a real tree to put up at the house. I know a tree is a tree but there was one thing I wasn't fond of the real trees. We always made sure to water the tree every single day to help keep it around. But the bad thing about a real Christmas tree was when it would shed like an animal. I am not sure if anyone else had the same problem as we did with a real Christmas tree. While using a fake tree will save you money and the time to clean up a mess a real tree would make. The downfall with a fake tree is that it doesn't have that certain scent a real tree would have. Place your vote below if you prefer a real or a fake Christmas tree in your household.

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