Monday doesn't sound so bad when you know it is also National Scotch Day. We all have experienced a blue Monday that required a glass of your best Scotch. Some of us aren't huge fans of Scotch but could possibly start drinking it in moderation after today. Props to you if you have can handle sipping on some aged whiskey that's distilled from malted barley.  I haven't found my particular type of Scotch to enjoy sipping on for National Scotch Day. In my opinion, the different types of Scotch brands I have tried are not exactly in my taste range. In fact, one type of Scotch I don't enjoy sipping on is Chivas Regal. Not sure if it partly has to deal with the amount (2 stumblers) I drank on an empty stomach.

If you're also not much of a fan of Scotch then you may reconsider due to some health benefits it has. Apparently, according to Flaviar, Scotch is actually good for you health-wise. My gag reflex is triggered when I see someone sipping on a glass of Scotch neat. But people who drink Scotch in moderation are helping their body's natural defenses against disease. If you enjoy an occasional nightcap of Scotch it can help you avoid a heart attack, blood clots, and few other health risks. This kind of news will turn any former Scotch hater into a Scotch lover. If you're planning on participating on National Scotch Day, what kind of poison will you be drinking? Choose which type of Scotch you will sip on for National Scotch Day below.

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