There are some places we wish we could have enjoyed more before the pandemic. Some of those places were the places we occasionally enjoyed eating our feelings away at with family and friends. But most of all miss paying one solid price for numerous amount of servings at a buffet.

Buffets are the places you can grub out on appetizers, main entree, another plate of a different entree, and some dessert. In some places, you could enjoy a buffet of a variety of choices or a variety of different styles of pizza. But we can all definitely agree on something and that is how much we miss having buffets around.

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Everyone has their personal favorite buffet they like to stuff their faces at. The buffets you can keep your options open at are Furr's and Golden Corral. At those two places, you have all sorts of choices that you can choose from such as baked chicken, meatloaf, steak, and fish. Furr's AYCE Marketplace was my absolute favorite but isn't allowing dine-in but does offer take-out.

Then there are other places that mainly focus on one particular cuisine such as pizza. There are two popular pizza buffets we would like to step foot in again in the future are CiCi's Pizza and Peter Piper Pizza. But my personal pizza buffet favorite will always be CiCi's Pizza because of their spinach pizza.

Also, CiCi's offers a variety of tasty desserts to indulge in. Another couple of popular hotspots for a buffet of sushi and Chinese food are Grand China Buffet and Rio China Buffet. Narrowing it down to the best buffet has a lot to factor in that makes it the best. The drinks, food options, desserts, and or extra goodies make a buffet the best buffet.

Out of all the spots to enjoy a buffet at, which is the ultimate best you wear your stretchy pants at? Place your two cents on which spot is the best place to enjoy a buffet at.

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