El Paso, Texas is a notable location for Hollywood film crew to film their movies. Everyone knows the saying "location, location, location" and some people live by it. Real Estate knows how important location is for a new house buyer. Not only is location an important factor for finding a permanent spot to live but also for Hollywood films. It's nice knowing that El Paso, Texas is a location worthy of being used for certain movies. There is a list of movies that have featured El Paso or used our location for scenes in their films. In my opinion, I believe El Paso is a great location to use for big Blockbuster movies. I came up with a list of some great movies that either featured or were filmed in El Paso. I am curious which movie would score the majority of votes for the best movie that used our land in the 915.

I made a list of some movies I enjoyed watching that I am struggling to narrow down to just one favorite from the list of films. I picked some movies that I have enjoyed watching in the past. There are a total of 10 movies that had involved El Paso and narrowed down my two favorites. My two favorite movies I get excited to see are Man on Fire and Glory Road. I know there can only be one favorite and if I had to pick just one, it would be Glory Road. That was the movie that introduced one of our local legends to the entire country, Don Haskins. Pick which is the best Hollywood flick that used El Paso in the poll below.

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