There is nothing funnier than someone who clearly can't match the actual and correct face to a politician's name. But when a Senator and Sports Broadcaster share the same last name can complicate things for the real world. El Paso Chihuahuas Broadcaster Tim Hagerty has been receiving some not so nice tweets that aren't meant for him.

My idea is that some people who aren't very happy are speeding through to send their tweets out. So of course, if you're rushing to get your point out small mistakes will mess that up for you and make you look silly. For example, the Twitter user names for the two men are not that similar besides the last name, Hagerty.

Senator Bill Hagerty's Twitter username is BillHagertyTN and our El Paso Chihuahuas Broadcaster is TdHagerty. So, you see they're not in anyway, shape, or form the same but people are still mistaking Tim Hagerty for Senator Bill Hagerty.

When I spoke to Tim Hagerty over the telephone he did mention how some tweets were quite harsh. Both of us are stunned by the awful things politicians are told or sent on a daily basis through social media. But the bone I have to pick about this predicament (maybe you as well) is Senator Bill Hagerty has like 50 years on Tim Hagerty.

Besides Tim and Bill, NOT looking like each other Tim decided to take care of things on his own. Tim Hagerty took to Twitter to state he is in fact NOT Senator Bill Hagerty. Let's just hope other disappointed civilians will get the correct Twitter username this time around for Senator Bill Hagerty.

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