It wasn't just one person mind you, and the tats are temporary but, this is still pretty cool.

A company called Lithographs started a Kickstarter campaign to launch their new line of temporary tattoos by getting people to tattoo lines from "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland," by Lewis Caroll, on their bodies. It took 2,500 peeps but they tattooed the entire book! (Check out some pics by clicking here.)

Helluva way to get your company off the ground, huh? They set their fundraising goal at $7,500 and raised over $50K! Lithographs also partnered with the International Book Bank to send books to needy communities.

Too bad my girl Yta Von G didn't hear about this in time to get in on it. She had a line from this book, and a character from the original Disney version of it, tattooed on her ... for real ... by Tonii at House Of Pain last summer.