There are creative people all over the world and it shows especially during a pandemic. For example, there are times you have had to improvise when you run out of certain ingredients needed to make a snack. Everyone usually knows when you have to improvise that means the same concept just with a different style.

It may be a major difference in looks wise but has a similar taste as the original way would. A friend of mine had shared a picture Logan Wilson from Seattle posted that caught my attention. At first, you're not feeling it because you never thought about putting anything else besides meat between the hot dog buns.

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But as you start to think about it more and more you slowly began to realize it will have the same taste as regular bread would. At first, it looks like a hot dog but Logan Wilson was telling me a banana is actually too big for a hot dog bun so he used a hoagie roll instead. But if you rather have a hot dog bun instead you can just shape your banana to fit.

Posted by Sclenarius Jones on Saturday, February 13, 2021

Logan Wilson told me he definitely isn't the inventor for this unique way of enjoying a banana hot dog or hoagie with peanut butter and jelly. But it sure had me thinking about whether or not El Pasoans have already been doing this since we're pretty amazing at improvising. This new or old way of snacking doesn't surprise you if you've been raised in a Hispanic household. Let me know your thoughts about this way of enjoying a banana peanut butter and jelly protein snack below.

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