Patton Oswalt is on tonight's episode of "Parks and Recreation".  He plays a resident who filibusters a town hall meeting to prevent a vote.  Yesterday the show released an unedited clip of him filming his scene . . . where he talks without stopping for eight minutes.  And the best part is, he talked about "Star Wars".  Specifically, how he wants the new movie to go.  (It's pretty wild.  He starts off with a scene where Boba Fett climbs out of the Sarlacc pit, because he survived being eaten in "Return of the Jedi".  And eventually he brings in characters from the Marvel Universe, and "Clash of the Titans" . . . until everyone in the room leaves.  Finally he calls for a cut, because his mouth is so dry that he has to do a "Marco Rubio."

Check out this awesome video below: