You're 10 days away from being team green on the day you choose to be in a daze. You can share your excitement with others who also like to celebrate 4/20!

If you've been searching for an outing that will be celebrating the same day as you, look no further! Roll El Paso will be throwing you a 4/20 party over on the Eastside of town. There will be live music, glass blowing, and food to munch on in case you develop the munchies. Above you will see what glass blowing art is like thanks to Gary Hutchings.  Steve Alva will be on the torch showing you a live demonstration of glass art! If you're interested in joining you can buy your tickets through Eventbrite. You can also do some shopping while you're roaming around if you need some new supplies. There will also be a local artist competition that will reward artists with some cash and prizes.

Will you be showing your support at the 4/20 party next Friday? Take the poll below!

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