El Diario De Juarez broke this story yesterday on their website. Check out the details and which stars will be in the area!

El Diario De Jaurez is reporting that parts of the new X-Men film will be shot at the famous 'X' landmark. According to the story they called the CEO for 20th Century Fox in Mexico and he did confirm they are filming June of 2015.

The three big stars that will be in our sister city are Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy. The scene of the 'X' will be the location of the new headquarters in the movie.

I visit the famous 'X' in Juarez often and I think we should build something like this in El Paso. That big x looks way better than those random windmill lights on I-10.


P.S. It is not real it is just a joke. In Mexico December 28 is the equivalent of April 1st in the US. Every year the newspapers come out with "news" to try to fool people. Feliz dia de los Inocentes!