Parents were outraged after this Texas teacher was recorded calling her students "utter morons," and said she wants to be fired. A teacher at a school in Texas is on administrative leave after she was recorded calling her students "morons" and saying how she wanted to be fired from her job.

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It's not only students and parents that are tired and frustrated from this never-ending pandemic. Teachers are also at their wit's end from remote learning, covid quarantines, lack of substitutes, and more. The education system is being placed under immense pressure for kids and teachers alike. But one teacher's frustrations are being met with criticism and anger from parents at the school she teachers at.

A teacher at Harry Wright Junior High School in Richmond, Texas was recorded venting about her students:

“If I have to keep going with kids that are complete and utter morons, I’m done."

In the audio obtained by CBS 7 News the teacher went on to say how she wanted to be fired at this point saying, "I literally am going to hurt myself if I have to keep coming here."

After the video went viral, parents of students at the junior high had a wide range of opinions, everything from anger to sympathy. The school district says the teacher has now been placed on administrative leave and that the district found her comments deeply disturbing. No word on whether or not she will be continuing as a teacher but because of the teacher shortages seen across the country, she might be. Read more of this story at the CBS 7 News website.

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