Talking to children about coronavirus can be complicated. Life as they have known it has come to a dramatic and quick change. It’s likely they have seen and heard a lot from media and their friends. They might be afraid, stressed or worried. If your kids who are prone to anxiety, you should calm their fears. How do you start the conversation? Not having children, I turned to my brothers and sisters who have many kids, and raised very well. Here is what they told me.


Simply talk to your kids. Explain what coronavirus COVID-19 is and how it affects people, going into detail about how its transmitted and how to prevent it. Listen to their questions and answer their concerns and dispel the myths that are going around. Explain, this is what we know, and here is what we as a family can do to avoid becoming sick. To get the latest information on COVID-19 open the menu tab here on our 96.9 KISS FM website.

As we know, information about COVID-19 changes daily and kids don’t need to hear about deaths and where the hardest hit areas are. Kids don’t need to hear the doom that seems to be impending through the TV news and internet. Providing too much information can be harmful to young minds, so be very selective with what you tell them, however if they ask a specific question try to answer without negativity. Keep a positive attitude.

Positivity and proactiveness are very important to times of change for kids. Explain why their daily routines are changing. Why they can’t visit friends or even relatives. The stress that kids get is usually directly from the actions of their parents or even other siblings and friends. The level of information or details in any situation obviously depends on the child’s age, try not to give them anything that will create more stress.

Focus on what they can and can’t do and what their responsibilities are. Practicing good hygiene in public and at home at all times. Limiting access to certain programs and internet information without making them feel you are keeping them from something.

Explain that people are working very hard to keep them and your family safe. Explain that while this is how we all have to live for now, that this change is only temporary and things will get back to normal. Remember how you react to what is happening in the world, is how your children will react as well.

It’s the time that we all as a neighborhood and community can grow to respect and be kind to others. Sometimes terrible events, create incredible opportunities for us to appreciate what we all have every day.