The new James Bond film, No Time to Die, is set to be released this year on April 8th. This means that the new film is going to need a killer theme song sung by the best of the best; to sing the new theme song is quite an honor for many artists. Past themes have been sung by greats like Shirley Bassey, Louis Armstrong, Paul McCartney and Adele.

Now, many are speculating that Beyoncé will be singing the new theme after Queen Bey dropped a picture on Instagram while at the Golden Globes. In the picture, Queen Bey is sipping on 007's signature drink: Martini, shaken, not stirred. Users pointed out that before Beyoncé dropped her 2016 hit "Lemonade" album, she had posted a picture of herself with a lemon. Of course, nothing is confirmed but there is a strong case for her to be the next Jame Bond theme singer.

While I'm not really into the James Bond films, the theme songs are really cool. While I think Beyoncé is great, I think that this year's Bond theme should be sung by someone who is more rocking, like Mr. Ozzy Osbourne! Ozzy is perfect! He's British, he's been around for ALL of the James Bond themes and he's set to make a return!

His newest album, "Oridinary Man," is set to be released in February with the single "Under the Graveyard" out now. He's also collaborated with Post Malone on "Take What You Want" and it's actually good. Also, considering Ozzy's past troubles with drugs and alcohol, and all his recent accidents, the theme "No Time to Die" is perfect for Ozzy.

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