Earlier this week, militia members who have been holed up inside an Oregon wildlife refuge since Jan. 2 received boxes of dildos and penis-shaped candy after putting out a request for supplies. Now, another hero has stepped to the plate by sending the group a 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant.

Max Temkin, a Chicago designer and one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity, tweeted a screenshot of the confirmation for his $1,193 Amazon order of the lube, which he even sprung for the expedited shipment on.

The group of 20 armed members of the group have been holed up inside the refuge and began running low on supplies so they asked their supporters, via Facebook, to send some essentials like eggs, blankets, cigarettes, soap. Instead, they received boxes of dildos, proving that the Internet doesn't disappoint.

The militia men were not as amused, and posted an angry to video to Facebook, writing, "It's sad that there are people who would spend this kind of money on this rather than spending it to do good in the world."

Rock on, people who spend that kind of money on dildos, and Max, you're my hero.

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