I just finished the sixth season of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black." As a fan of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many are calling for this to be the end of the show, to which I say "pshaw!" It's just getting good! I need to know what happens to one of my favorite inmates, Ruiz.

Ruiz is played by actress Jessica Pimentel. When OITNB starts, Ruiz is pregnant and gives birth at the end of the season, but returns to the prison to finish out her sentence. In season four, after our main character Piper Chapman rejects Ruiz's business plan to allow Dominican's into her underwear ring, and ends up throwing Ruiz under the bus, they add more time to Ruiz's sentence to which she exacts revenge on Chapman.

In season five, there's a prison riot and Ruiz leads a kidnapping of the guards. Thinking she'll be granted furlough if she turns the guards in, she double crosses her best friend and releases the guards only to find out that she is not given the furlough and everyone is sent to max. It's a great show and I'm a fan of Pimentel as Ruiz but it was quite a pleasant surprise when I found out that Pimentel is actually a metal singer.

That's right, New York born with Dominican blood in her veins, this Latina can roar with the best of them. Since 2010, Pimentel has been the lead vocalist for Alekhine's Gun.

Most recently she's been traveling with the Mexican extreme metal band Brujeria and word is they throw a great show and she's a great addition to the band.

To top it all off, Pimentel is dating Meshuggah drummer Thomas Haake.

#Goals, amirite?
TL;DR: Jessica Pimentel AKA Ruiz from OITNB is a total bad ass!



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