Let me take you on a journey, back to 1994. It was a magical time; especially for those of us who were younger and really into watching what was then called the WWF. We were Hulkamaniacs. Mean Gene was the only person we knew who owned a tuxedo.

In 1994, the WWF/E gave us one of the most "Texas" things I've ever seen in my life at Survivor Series. They even called in "the" Texas Ranger.

The Stage Was Set In Texas For An Epic Showdown.

When I was watching the main event from the 1994 Survivor Series recently (I was feeling nostalgic), I kept thinking to myself this had to happen in Texas. It would have been a waste if it wasn't.

It wouldn't have been like Vince McMahon to put this kind of spectacle together, and not go the distance.

Sure enough, it was held in San Antonio on Thanksgiving-eve.

The Main Event Featured One Of The Lone Star State's Best.

Texas has a legendary reputation when it comes to wrestling talent. We've produced some of the absolute best to have ever stepped inside the squared circle.

For the main event, one of the Lone Star State's best would be taking center stage. It was none other than Undertaker, the Texas born wrestling icon.

WWE via YouTube
WWE via YouTube

I felt a big smile creep across my face as I saw Paul Bearer walk with Undertaker to the ring, holding the urn. As a kid I'm not sure who terrified me more; Undertaker or Paul Bearer with his odd voice and crazy eyes. Now, they are both cherished parts of my youth.

But That's Not All. We Need A Texas Sized Special Referee.

In those days, it was all about story lines and spectacle. All of which felt cartoonish at times, but that's what made it so good. It was a comic book come alive in front of a coliseum full of screaming fans.

For this special main event, there had to be a very special ref. Since we're in Texas, with one of the best wrestlers from Texas, you might as well get a referee that fits the motif.

WWE via YouTube
WWE via YouTube

Say hello to Chuck Norris, at that time Walker Texas Ranger. Yes, Chuck Norris would be the special outside ref for the match; cowboy hat and all.

Now We Just Need Some Texas Sized Action.

Undertaker was taking on Yokozuna in a casket match. The loser, well they were done. For good. That's all she wrote. You're riding out in a casket.

It's honestly one of the most entertaining matches I've ever seen. The back and forth between the fighters, the crowd losing their minds, managers interfering; it gets the blood pumping.

WWE via YouTube
WWE via YouTube

Plus, you have the classic interference from some other wrestlers who have their own reasons for wanting to see Undertaker lose the match. You can watch the entire match below.

I loved pro wrestling as a kid. My friends and I would all meet up at someone's house, watch the show, and then immediately begin pummeling each other. I'm glad these moments are still out there for us all to see and relive.

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