There are some magical places you see online that you wish you could escape to but are too far away or out of the country.

Sometimes some of those magical places are within driving distance if you're lucky. For example, some of the beautiful places with lovely scenery are usually based out of another country or island.

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The picture (above) is of the Pazincica river and waterfall Zareckikrov during springtime in Croatia. Now, what is crazy about this picture which looks almost a tad similar to a popular spot in Texas.

According to Country Living, there is a popular spot in Texas that made the top 45 most beautiful places in the United States. Seems like Jacob's Well needs to step aside since Hamilton Pool is the next best place to visit and add to your bucketlist.

There are quite a few places I have mentioned that are stationed in Texas and are worth the drive. But Hamilton Pool which is located 30 miles West of Austin made the list of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Getty Images/500px
Getty Images/500px

This kind of spot reminds me of a certain scene from the horror flick Turistas. If you have seen the movie then you know the spot I am referring to from the movie.

In the clip above, 6:20 minutes into the video, the place they go swimming at somewhat reminds me of Hamilton Pool near Austin. If you're curious what Hamilton Pool is like just check out Last Camerai's YouTube video below.

Hamilton Pool is one of the coolest swimming holes you can cool off at that is open to the public. Make sure you make this trip out sometime this summer and enjoy swimming at one of the most beautiful swimming spots in the United States.

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