Usually on Throwback Thursday, people share some old photos of themselves, events, or other throwbacks. But today we have for you an epic concert throwback you're sure to enjoy. Ozzy Osbourne (or his people more likely) always update his social media pages with various photos of him or his concerts from the past but today, they shared an old ticket stub that probably brought back a lot of good memories for El Pasoans out there. The ticket stub was from an Ozzy Osbourne concert from Tuesday, February 23rd, 1982. On that day in history, the Prince of Darkness was in El Paso playing at the El Paso County Coliseum.

The most shocking part of this ticket stub is the price! Only $9 for General Admission to see this concert. Currently, most venue fees cost more than that. In fact, looking at a my last concert ticket, the service fees and facility charges were $15 alone! Well over the price of an actual Ozzy Osbourne concert ticket in 1982.

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If you were one of the lucky El Pasoans to attend this concert, you probably have some fond memories of being in the crowd, listening to Ozzy with your family or friends. At this concert, the late, great Randy Rhodes played with Ozzy for the last time in El Paso. If you want to relive the magic of that evening you're in luck. Someone uploaded the concert audio to Youtube and you can hear the entire concert below. What a way to remember an epic performance that happened right here in the Sun City.

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