For Earth Day this year, the heavens are putting on a show for us.

The Lyrid Meteor shower will peak late tonight with approximately 20 meteors per hour expected as Earth passes through a trail of debris left behind by comet C/1861 G. The meteors will be visible for a few days but the best show happens tonight starting around 10:00pm, peaking in the early morning hours.

All you need are your eyes, a comfy chair to kick back in and, depending on where you are, maybe a cold one.  Getting as far away from artificial light as possible is a major plus. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to do that around El Paso. Just be sure you're well off roadways, not on private property and in a spot you're legally allowed to be.  

  • There are several turnouts along Trans Mountain although the picnic areas face extremely well lit parts of El Paso.
  • Along the Anthony Gap, highway 404, there are many side roads and trails.
  • The area known as "The Wall', near Santa Teresa.
  • East side folks can head for Red Sands or find a spot way out Montana.

Folks in Montana Vista, far northeast El Paso, Chaparral and everyone between Anthony and Cruces are already pretty far from most of the light pollution.  You guys can probably just walk outside!

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