Two of the most anticipated movies coming out this year are Deadpool and X-Men Apocalupse. Two of the most beloved actors in these movies decided to hype up their movies by taking on each other in a sword fight.

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool will be taking over the box office this weekend. You can catch Olivia Munn as Psylocke later in May, but why wait for some sweet sword action. If you stalk Munn like I do, then you know she has been training hard to master those sweet sword skills, even with her boyfriend Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers.

Reynolds and Munn decided to give Marvel fans a taste of what is to come as they take on each other in a quick Instagram sword fight. Unfortuanly, Reynolds wasn't prepare but it is very much a ode to his character Deadpool. Seriously, I think they couldn't of picked a better actor for that role.