Younger demographics have always tended to gravitate to social media. But, that is changing. And it probably has to do with social media having been around for over a decade, and those 'young' kids who were on it originally, are still on it.

According to Nielsen the age group of 35-49 people spend an average of 7 hours a week on social media. While the younger age group of 18-34 people spends about 6 hours a week. So it's not a drastic difference, but still, the older demographic is spending more time on social media.

And the most popular social media site? Instagram? Snapchat? Twitter? Hahaha, MySpace? Nope, it's Facebook.

Women tend to be on social media more than men, and what are they doing the most while they're on social media? Interacting with something TV related. And the spike in use happens on Sundays during primetime TV, while they're on using their smartphone to interact with social media.

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