The Halloween season is in full effect and if you're trying to get into the swing of things, then check out the Oculto Festival de Cine de Terror en la Frontera (Horror Film Festival on the Border).

Oculto Festival de Cine de Terror en La Frontera is a horror film festival that happens every year in Juarez and El Paso. According to their website, the whole vision for the Oculto Festival is to provide a unique and nonconventional cinematic horror experience to an every growing audience. Organizers of the Oculto Festival say they aim to leave their audience with a "thrilling, pleasant and memorable memory".

The event is still in it's early stages but they do hope that it will become bigger with time- and knowing our Borderland audience, horror is definitely a great event for all.

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This is actually the second weekend that Oculto Film Fest are hosting an event, and they will also be hosting another event next weekend, Halloween weekend, they will be hosting another event but on the other side of Border in Juarez.

This weekend, however, they will be hosting their event in El Paso. This weekend's event will have a short film screening, a party lounge with live music; Friday will feature local band Hot Shot Kixxx and Saturday will feature DJ Boosty.

The evening will also feature a ghost tour- and at the location its at (315 El Paso St.) it's the perfect location for some paranormal activity.

To find out more information about this spooky event, click here.

Happy hauntings!

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