Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for chip sales, parties and ... unfortunately ... drunk driving.

Tostitos brand chips wanted to do something to raise awareness about drunk driving so, they came up with a bag that can tell if you've been drinking. If the bag senses alcohol on your breath, it starts flashing red!

Frito - Lay spokeswoman Jennifer Saenz said:

We thought it was an opportunity to begin a conversation with consumers about drinking and driving, and about responsibility, in a really fun and engaging way.

There's no word yet on how to get these bags though as they aren't sold in stores.

Their partners in this project, Uber, will offer $10 coupons to peeps who enter the UPC code from a regular bag of Tostitos during and after the Super Bowl. Here in El Paso, tipsy drivers can get free rides home by calling (915) 212 - 7777.

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