Texas Governor Greg Abbott has continued with his next phase of opening up Texas. He announced last week that gyms and fitness centers in the state would be allowed to reopen on Monday, May 18th. The news was met with enthusiasm by many who are ready to get back into the gym and their normal lives. Others are cautious, wondering if it's too soon to be reopening the state. There will be certain recommendations that fitness facilities will be adhering to so that gym patrons will feel safe while exercising.

According to the Washington Post, studies have shown that various surfaces at the gym can carry bacteria and viruses if not cleaned properly. There are plenty of steps you can take as a gym member to protect yourself such as:

  • Cleaning equipment before and after each use
  • Keeping your hands away from your face while working out
  • Bring your own equipment (towel, water bottle, yoga mat, gloves)
  • Wash your hands before and after working out
  • Work out alone or social distance

If a gym member was to follow the tips above, they would be more likely to be able to workout in a safe environment. For some though, the thought of going back into a gym or fitness facility while the number of COVID-19 cases are still so high can be frightening. Leaders in El Paso have been asking the governor to delay Phase 2 in the Sun City, saying the area is not ready, according to KFOX News. If you are not ready to go back yet, here are some ideas for exercises or workout ideas to keep fit and healthy.

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