After the news broke that Rage Against The Machine wasn't going to be starting their reunion tour in El Paso, some fans are wanting a refund. Once against, Rage Against The Machine fans have had their hearts broken by the band. Today, they made the announcement that they would once again be postponing the first half of their tour dates, which includes their El Paso and Las Cruces dates.

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The band will now be starting their tour off July 9th in Wisconsin and all tour dates from March 31st through May 30th will be "postponed and rescheduled," according to their Instagram post.

The first time the band postponed their tour dates was back in May 2020 and then again to the new dates in 2022. Now for a third time the El Paso and Las Cruces tour dates have changed, this time to whenever they are rescheduled to. For some fans, the third time was enough and they're wanting refunds. On top of that, many people from outside the area purchased tickets for these shows thinking they would be the first reunion shows, and wanted to be here in person for the special event. Now, these dates could actually be the 20th time the band plays together, which doesn't feel as special.

For those that are wanting a refund, the band says any tickets for the postponed dates will be allowed to obtain refunds for a limited time:

“For fans wishing to obtain a refund for the postponed dates, refunds are available for a 30-day window from the point of purchase only, starting today."

I wonder how many people will be getting their refunds, and who are still out there hoping they will be able to see the band one day in El Paso.

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