March Madness is upon us. The real madness comes from those who enjoy clicking random options. Do you like clicking on things using a computer? Do you enjoy poking your phone with your finger to activate apps? Well then you would love to fill out our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. 

Learning from the conversations Brandon, Lisa and Joanna have recently been having on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, you can put a lot of trust into a random button. In the Million Dollar Bracket, you have this nifty option where you can choose to have the bracket pick all the teams for you!

WOW! Just like my college degree, actual basketball knowledge is useless! We have technology that can run a bracket for you and then you are set to watch the fun begin. I generated my own bracket and can't wait to see how my luck is going to go. I have no NCAA men's college basketball team knowledge, but I sure do love being in with the hottest trends.

Right now, March Madness brackets are the cool thing. Plus you could win money just from filling out a bracket. Now that is amazing and a great reason to impulsively push a random button. Like my mother always says, "you never know until you try" so try it for yourself! You only have until 10 a.m. Thursday to fill out our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge! Good Luck!

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