Thanksgiving was 4 days ago and I STILL have turkey.

I enjoyed the turkey this Thanksgiving. It was awesomely prepared, literally "falling off the bone", juicy and flavorful.

Honestly though, I've had enough.  I had seconds and then thirds.  Friday, I had turkey burritos and then tried turkey enchiladas.  (Not bad by the way!!)

A couple of turkey sandwiches got me through Saturday.  (Yesterday, I just polished off all the desert items that were left. Pumpkin, apple and chocolate pie for lunch and beer for dinner. It was great!)

There's still a few pounds of turkey left though.  (I swear for Christmas dinner this year,  I'm just doing burgers and dogs on the grill.  Or else I'm having the Rib Hut cater it ... anything but more freakin' pavo)

Does Chicos Tacos sell that mystery sauce by the gallon?  Maybe I could just drown it in that.......

Guys, help a brotha' out!!   Anybody out there got a turkey recipe where you can't actually taste the turkey??

Seriously.  I'm totally out of ideas here.


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