Really getting into the college party spirit, the University of New Mexico is making wine.

New Mexico State University in Las Cruces has decided to begin making their own wine as a way of making up some of their 2020 financial shortfalls. The COVID 19 pandemic created tough times for universities all over the country as they have all dealt with drops in enrollment, forced refunds for services no longer available, lost revenue for certain, ticketed events, and more.

To try and raise some money to help support NMSU's athletes, they made a deal with the Lescombes Family Vineyards to produce what is, according to our news partners at KVIA, one of fewer than 10 official, collegiate licensed wines. Christened as Pistol Pete’s Crimson Legacy, the first run will be 1888 bottles to commemorate the university being founded in that year. (Although, more will surely be made.)  The label on each bottle will briefly run down New Mexico's long wine-making history:

“It traces back to when Missionaries came out of Chihuahua up the Rio Grande River and planted vines along the way to have the sacramental wine," said co-owner and Chief Financial Officer Rebecca Lescombes. "That is a fact many people do not know that New Mexico is the oldest wine-producing state and NMSU has been instrumental in developing the wine industry.” - KVIA

This is not the first time that New Mexico State University has ventured into alcohol-related products, in 2017 they did a beer run called Pistol Petes 1888 ale. Beer and wine??  Yep, NMSU is definite;y a party-minded university ... now, we just have to get to a point where we can all gather safely together to enjoy the good times!

If this is successful, do you suppose we could get the UTEP Miners their own tequila??

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