A New Mexico police officer is in hot water after allegations he let a DWI offender go because he started dating the woman.

State Police Officer Marvin Goke is being accused of letting 34-year-old Angela Torres go on charges of DWI when the two started dating after the arrest. Officer Goke pulled Torres over on May 2, 2014, after her Lexus was spotted swerving in Albuquerque, N.M. In dash cam video that was released, you can hear Officer Goke laughing and talking to another officer off camera:

"Yeah, she’s…she’s tanked man (laughter). She was bouncing off the curb coming down here in that Lexus, man. I was like, whoa!”

Eight months later, the charges against Torres were dropped after Officer Goke failed to appear in court. Local television station KRQE is reporting that the two are in a relationship, according to their social media accounts. There is a photo of the two of them together smiling, and the comments in the photo state that the two are in a relationship.

Officer Goke is now on administrative leave, after an internal complaint was filed two months ago, according to KRQE. He will stay on leave, pending the results of the investigation.