As we approach the one year mark since recreational marijuana became legal in the state of New Mexico, it's a great time to mention that marijuana is ILLEGAL medically, or recreationally, in the state of Texas.

There are legal New Mexico dispensaries in Sunland Park, Anthony, Chaparral and Las Cruces which makes some tempting options for Texans near the state line.

Thing is -- it's illegal to bring marijuana back across the state line. It is not illegal to cross the border into New Mexico, purchase legal cannabis, partake in the state of New Mexico, ba-da-bing ba-da-boom.

Well, now a local New Mexico dispensary is heading into Texas with a mission -- make it legal in the Lone Star State.

High Horse Cannabis Company said in a news release it is attending an El Paso City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 31st to "request that they take action to help Texas cannabis consumers."

"Our dispensary in Chaparral, New Mexico serves many Texas residents and I think it's time for things to change in Texas," Ruben Aguilar, Chief Executive Officer for High Horse said. "We hope the City of El Paso will join us in asking that the state end cannabis prohibition."

Colt DeMorris, Chief of Retail Operations for High Horse, wants City Council to "pass a resolution asking the State of Texas to end cannabis prohibition and expunge non-violent cannabis offenses from people's records."

So why is High Horse making this push? Aguilar says it's because several of their employees live in El Paso and "inspired these actions."

"It's time to end cannabis prohibition everywhere and some of us have roots in El Paso. We're ready to push this conversation here. This law creates a lot of pain and suffering for no justifiable reason, which is ironic considering how helpful cannabis is for people," Aguilar said.

The only problem is this -- even if City Council DOES do something like this, how often is the State of Texas listening to El Paso?

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