Today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day! Nico lost a trivia contest to see who had to clean out our studio fridge. We still don’t know what miasma of toxic ingredients could have combined to create the hellish odor, but this refrigerator has to be among the top five worst smelling things in the universe. In the following video, Nico has to get up close and unprotected to deal with the noxious aroma of our mini-fridge.

Interesting fact: they chose November 15th as National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day because of its proximity to Thanksgiving. The rationale is that you’ll need extra room to put your turkey and other trimmings in the fridge before Thanksgiving. Then, afterwards, you’ll also need room for all the leftovers. So, good luck with that fridge cleaning! Hopefully yours smells less like Satan’s toe-jam than ours does.

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