On September 7th, 2022 Nickelback released the new song “San Quintin,” and announced the upcoming release of their 10th studio album, “Get Rollin,” coming out 11/18/22. Our own Rock Reporter and sometime Loudwire Nights and Loudwire Weekends fill-in host Kevin Vargas sat down via Zoom and talked with Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake.

In the interview, you’ll hear about the person responsible for the inspiration for “San Quintin.” You’ll learn some deeper album insight in talk about the songs “Those Days,” and “Tidal Wave.” You’ll find out what’s inspiring the band these days, and even an acknowledgment that some of their earlier songs couldn’t be written today due to changes in what is PC.

Possibly the most enlightening part of Kevin’s Nickelback interview is the understanding the band has over their place. Lead guitarist Ryan Peake, who Kevin calls “the most underrated shredder in Rock,” shares, “That’s what I’m most blown away about when the younger generation starts to discover you.” You’ll hear a humble appreciation out of Ryan for the ever-expanding generational aspect of Nickelback fans.

Chad’s answer when Kevin states that maybe the thing responsible for the recent boom to new streaming heights is when he compares the band’s music to comfort food. Chad says, “What we do for a living is a luxury, we’re just entertainment.” When he calls it “an honor and privilege to do what we do for people,” it’s the antithesis of tabloid fodder.

Hardcore Nickelback fans will enjoy the casual nature of this interview. Kevin knows both the guys well as their friendship goes back years, and from hanging out beyond the venues at shows. From “breaking bread,” to hanging out at an NHL Hockey game, Kevin has many stories about the guys away from the spotlight. He tells one of his favorites being the first time they met. “I was with KISS in San Antonio when they were the opener for a fundraiser back in September of 2000. Bands did their set, then made an appearance at an autograph booth and for $1 each, signed for fans. After they finished and were back rewarding themselves with a cold one for a day’s work well done, I told them just where the money went. In those days we hosted a Christmas shopping spree talking to orphaned and at-risk kids who wouldn’t otherwise get a Christmas, to a mall, handed them $100, and said go buy yourself whatever you want. When Chad heard this he started pulling everything out of his pockets and said, ‘I’m sorry this is all I’ve got, but let me help some more.’ This was way before they were the success they’d become having arrived at the venue crammed into a van.”

To people who love Nickelback…enjoy! To people who hate Nickelback…why have you even read this far? To those who are indifferent about Nickelback, you are going to meet two regular guys, who are in the extraordinary situation of being one of the biggest bands in Rock. Some lucky KLAQ Nickelback fans are going to get to meet the band when they come to El Paso in the near future. No, we don’t have any information just yet, just straight from a very reliable source that it’s going to happen.

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