Apparently there weren't Nickelback fans in this crowd.

Hockey is known for being a sport that can get a little violent at times. During last week's game between the Dallas Stars and the Vancouver Canucks, the only people who wanted to get violent were the fans.

Not at the teams, but at whoever was in charge of the music over the PA system.

During breaks in play throughout the second period, the geniuses behind the music decided to have the music blaring over the PA system all Nickelback. Nickelback are based in Vancouver, and so are the Canucks.

It started out with one of the most horrible Nickelback songs, "Photograph," and then continued on throughout the large catalog of "hit" songs.

One right after the other.

Sadly, Dallas seemed to irritate their own fans more than the visiting Canucks fans. Videos shot show fans covering their ears and looking irritated over the music choice.

Maybe the Vancouver fans are used to hearing Nickelback all the time, it could be their national anthem to them.

After a long time of cruel and unusual punishment, a graphic on the scoreboard asked fans,

What artist do you never want to hear again?
a) Nickelback
b) Nickelback
c) Nickelback

In a not so surprisingly landslide win, it was Nickelback. The clouds divided and heaven smiled upon the tortured fans and the Nickelback session stopped.

And the award for the best trolling of your own team's fans goes to the Dallas Stars.

Honorable mention goes out to the organist who decided to play WWE John Cena's entrance music at some point during the game.