The NFL released it's schedule yesterday, so now it's time to take a look at each week and predict just how well they're going to do. This season's Dallas Cowboys are going to be a bit of an anomaly as there are a lot of question marks around this team. When will Dak Prescott be ready? When he is ready, will he be back to top form? Did the team do enough to toughen that horrible defense from last year? Well, here we go:

  • Week 1 - @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - LOSS
  • Week 2 - @ Los Angeles Chargers - LOSS
  • Week 3 - vs Philadelphia Eagles - WIN
  • Week 4 - vs Carolina Panthers - LOSS
  • Week 5 - vs New York Giants - LOSS
  • Week 6 - @ New England Patriots - LOSS
  • Week 7 - BYE
  • Week 8 - @ Minnesota Vikings - WIN
  • Week 9 - vs Denver Broncos - WIN
  • Week 10 - vs Atlanta Falcons - WIN
  • Week 11 - @ Kansas City Chiefs - LOSS
  • Week 12 - vs Las Vegas Raiders (Thanksgiving Game) - LOSS
  • Week 13 - @ New Orleans Saints - LOSS
  • Week 14 - @ Washington Football Team - LOSS
  • Week 15 - @ New York Giants - WIN
  • Week 16 - vs Washington Football Team - WIN
  • Week 17 - vs Arizona Cardinals - LOSS
  • Week 18 - @ Philadelphia Eagles - LOSS

Based on my predictions, which are probably pretty weak, the Cowboys will finish the 2021 season 6 and 11. That still looks weird. Not the sub .500 record. The number of games. It's gonna take a bit to get used to the 17 game schedule.

I do think the Cowboys will be more competitive than this record would appear to show. It's going to take time for the defense to get going though and there are way too many questions marks surrounding this team to think they'll be a true contender. I do hope I'm wrong though. I'm not a Cowboy fan, but I am a big Dak Prescott fan. I would love to see him return to the field and light it up like he was at the beginning of last season. And since I'm saying they're going to go 6 and 11, that means they'll probably go 11 and 6.

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